지진학(Seismology) 연구실에서는 한반도, 동아시아 및 전 세계적으로 관측된 지진 파형을 분석하여 지진의 발생 원리와 지구 내부의 구조를 연구합니다.

Seongryong Kim

Assistant Professor in Seismology

Phone: [+82] 42-821-6429
Fax: [+82] 42-822-7661
E-mail: srkim(at)




2014: Ph.D. (Seismology) Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
2009: M.Sc. (Seismology) Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
2007: B.Sc. (Earth and Environmental Sciences) Seoul National University, Korea


2018 SEP – Present: Assistant Professor, Chungnam National University, Korea
2017 OCT – 2018 SEP: Research Assistant Professor, Seoul National University, Korea
2017 FEB – 2017 SEP: Senior Researcher, Seoul National University, Korea
2014 OCT – 2017 JAN: Postdoctoral Fellow, The Australian National University, Australia
2014 MAR – 2014 SEP: Postdoctoral Researcher, Seoul National University, Korea


  • Imaging of seismic structures related to tectonic processes in back-arc regions and continental margins
  • The occurrence of intraplate volcanism
  • Lithospheric structures beneath East Asia
  • Bayesian inversion methods
  • Upper mantle transition zone structure beneath plate margins
  • Estimation of seismic source parameters and strong motion


Peer-reviewed articles (* Corresponding author)

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